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Keith Partridge

Keith Partridge

Keith is a professional film cameraman and sound recordist specializing in adventure film making. After leaving the BBC in 1990, Keith turned freelance and soon began to develop new techniques in the industry and to develop an excellent reputation in his chosen field. He has worked on many adventure documentaries including “The Edge”, “The Climbers”, “The Face”, “Wilderness Walks”, “Wild Climbs”, “Don’t Try This At Home” and Leo Holding's speed ascent for "Top Gear". Recently he was film cameraman on our 2005 expedition with Ian Wright to climb Gunnbjørnsfjeld for the TV climbing documentary "Ian Wright's Excellent Adventure". Keith and Paul Walker go back a long way to when they both winter climbed together in their early 20's on Iceland's notorious Vatnajokull icecap and getting in to deep trouble on more than one occasion! Keith is a keen and experienced mountaineer and has climbed, travelled and filmed throughout the world. He currently lives in Lower Largo, Fife with his wife Andrea and son Jamie.

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