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                            ** ARCTIC ISLAND WONDERLAND **

MILNE LAND  (Scoresby Sound fjord)
Fantastic ski touring and mountaineering on a remote Arctic island
Perfect for Ski exploration and First ascents of unclimbed peaks

Another good value for money Arctic mountaineering and ski touring expedition venue and a step up from Liverpool Land in terms of the more remote nature of the region and it's higher peaks. One of the cheapest ways of making significant first ascents of remote and previously unclimbed Arctic summits.

First ascents of mountains up to 2100m on the remote island of Milne Land in the inner reaches of Scoresbysund fjord. Only a handful of expeditions have ever travelled in to the heart of these ranges, which has left large areas completely unexplored. Scheduled as a Summer trekking and back packing expedition there is also an option to visit this region in spring for ski touring as an alternative to the Liverpool Land expedition (see below). Peaks of all grades exist in both summer and winter conditions. Ideal for a variety of levels of mountaineering and ski touring experience with superb alpine ascents and ski touring in a fantastic arctic landscape. Beautiful views of the sea ice, icebergs and the ice filled Denmark Straits. Option to visit the remote Inuit settlement of Scoresbysund.


Milne Land is a large island approximately 100km from east to west and 50kms north to south. It's situated further inland than Liverpool Land at the western end of Scoresbysund Fjord, in close proximity to the icecap. It therefore receives more 'wintry' conditions than Liverpool Land and experiences more settled and less windy weather due to it's more sheltered inland position. The peaks are up to 2100m high and is boasts several significant icecaps of it's own which offer great high level ski touring. Only a limited amount of exploration has taken place in the mountains of Milne Land and only in Summer. Only our own Tangent 2005 and 2006 May ski touring expeditions have ever travelled and climbed in this area in winter/spring conditions and shown the tremendous potential of the region. Many of the peaks come close to the coast which offer fantastic views over the frozen fjords with their majestic icebergs. We are unaware of any other expedition that has ever skied, climbed and explored in the inner ranges and on the icecaps in winter conditions in early spring. We also believe that by visiting the heart of these ranges then most, if not all, the peaks that we ascend will be first ascents. We will therefore be visiting Milne Land again in April 2010, which offers the best combination of weather, temperatures, snow conditions and daylight hours.

In Summer, Milne Land can be accessed by private boat charter from Scoresbysund village and many fauna and flora studies and back packing and kayaking tours have travelled around the coastal regions. But in winter it becomes a different story when the whole of Scoresbysund fjord, the largest fjord in the world, completely freezes over and locks in the icebergs for 7 months of the year. Boat travel is impossible and helicopter charter is ludicrously expensive at £4000 per person for return private charter (yes, per person, not per helicopter flight!!). We will therefore use our local and experienced guides to transport us from Constable Point airstrip to Milne Land. Skidoo transport outside of specific routes linking the local settlements and Constable Point airport is not normally allowed, however Tangent has obtained a special dispensation and permission to do this.

The mountains and glaciers will offer a whole host of ski touring, ski mountaineering and general winter mountaineering objectives. There will be limitless opportunities for general ski touring and exploration of the area on easy non technical glaciers. There are then lots of glacier approaches to higher peaks which should offer some great descents. There is the potential for high level tours staying up around 2000m for as long as we wish. Then of course lots of alpine mountaineering opportunities for those who want to get in a few winter 'firsts' on virgin summits. So plenty to go at to suit everyone.

On our Summer expedition we will sail in by boat to a coastal position in the northeast and trek along and inland from this very impressive mountain coastline. We will then embark on a programme of back packing, summer trekking and alpine mountaineering and scrambles, including some possible first ascents of unclimbed summits.

The total duration of both expeditions can be extended by 4 days at GBP 200 extra cost if this is preferred by all the clients involved. The summer expedition is flexible by up to one week to best suit the first few clients to book.


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