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Watkins Mountains Arctic Trilogy Expedition (leader: Paul Rose)

Friday 21st May

Paul and Ed have arrived in the Watkins Mountains today and are setting up their camp and getting ready for the rest of the team arriving tomorrow.

Saturday 22nd May

The team are all finally here at the Gunnbjornsfjeld landing site. The weather is fantastic and we are setting up our base camp.

Sunday 23rd May

Today was spent organising kit and moving camp over to the Gunnbjørnsfjeld Corner Camp. This took 3 hours.

Monday 24th May

The team have now moved to the advanced base camp for Gunnbjornsfjeld. It's quite a slog getting up here with the pulks full of equipment! If the good weather continues we are hoping to summit tomorrow.

Tuesday 25th May

Most of the team summited Gunnbjornsfjeld today in glorious sunshine with panoramic views for miles. The team are tired but happy.

Wednesday 26th May

Today has been a well deserved rest day! The great weather is continuing and the group are deciding what to do next.

Thursday 27th May

Very busy day for the expedition today! The remaining members of the team, Pien and Will, summited Gunnbjornsfjeld today with Paul and then the rest of the team went on climb a new peak just to the south west of GBF, the name hasn't been decided on yet though. Ed and Ewan also climbed Cone (3rd highest) by its North Ridge. Think we might need a rest after all that!

Friday 28th May

The team, apart from Ewan and Ed (after their epic day yesterday!), are moving back to the original base camp over today. Ewan and Ed are resting at ABC. Weather is still fantastic and the expedition is going well.

Saturday 29th May

Pien and Will have been feeling tired and unwell, so as another expedition was flying in on the Twin Otter today it was decided that they would be able to get on that plane and fly out. They had achieved what they wanted by summiting Gunnbjørnsfjeld so where happy just to return to civilisation! The rest of the team are resting at base camp and Ewan and Ed are moving down from ABC today. We are planning a first ascent for tomorrow.

Sunday 30th May

The team attempted a new summit just north of peak Cappuccino but unfortunately had to turn back due to poor ice conditions.

Monday 31st May

Rest day.

Tuesday 1st June

The team are on the move heading for the advanced base camp for Dome and Cone.

Wednesday 2nd June

The team have made a successful ascent of Dome today. They are planning to go for Cone tomorrow.

Thursday 3rd June

The Arctic Trilogy was completed today with a successful team ascent of Cone! Ed and Ewan, who had already climbed Cone, moved back to the original base camp.

Friday 4th June

The team are now moving back to the landing site base camp ready for collection by the Twin Otter. While Ed and Ewan attempted a new peak just SW of base camp but had to turn back close to summit due to a rock band. Overall a very successful expedition!