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          ** LIVERPOOL LAND, Northeast Greenland **

 LIVERPOOL LAND  (Scoresby Sound fjord region)
Arctic Mountaineering, Ski-touring and Polar Exploration

Liverpool Land offers the finest combination of value for money Polar Exploration, Arctic Mountaineering and Ski-touring expeditions in east and northeast Greenland. A fantastic range of mountains (some possible firsts ascents) up to 1400m and with great Nordic/Alpine/Telemark ski-touring and split boarding opportunities. Ideal for a variety of levels of mountaineering experience with superb alpine ascents and ski-touring in a wonderful arctic landscape. Beautiful views of the sea ice, icebergs and the ice filled Denmark Straits. Option to visit the remote Inuit settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit.

In 2015 we are offering an exciting and ambitious series of expeditions including Polar Training and Arctic Survival, Mountaineering, Ski-touring and the complete North-South Ski Traverse of Liverpool Land. This latter journey was achieved for the first time by a Tangent group in 2008 and repeated again in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Flying via Iceland and an overnight stop over in the World's most northerly and cleanest capital Reykjavik, just a 2 hour flight brings you to the most northerly domestic airport in east Greenland: Constable Point. This is the main hub for all our east Greenland expeditions and the start point for our Liverpool Land expeditions (see maps section for comprehensive location information for all our destinations).

Liverpool Land can be roughly split in to four operational areas; South, Central, North, and Far North. The vast majority of previous expeditions have operated in the southern region, which is easily accessible from both Constable Point airport and the region's principal village of Scoresbysund, known locally as Ittoqqortoormiit. At the northern extent of these ranges is a large valley known as Kalkdal which cuts west to east from the Hurry Fjord to the ocean. On the northern side of this valley is the Istovet icecap and it's surrounding peaks, which we refer to as the central ranges as far up as Storefjord. Between Storefjord and Pastfjord lies the northern ranges. At the very far north of Liverpool Land is an unnamed icecap and whose surrounding peaks and glaciers we refer to as the Far North.

The far northern Liverpool Land ranges are much more remote and rarely visited by ski touring or climbing expeditions. Following on from our successful expeditions to this region since 2007 we will continue to explore and climb these ranges over the coming years. First ascents are possible for those with more experience. For those on a more limited budget the southern and central ranges still offer a fantastic experience but involving less snowmobile travel and thus more affordable destinations.

Book any of these expeditions in the knowledge that Tangent Expeditions is the world’s leading authority on ski touring and mountaineering expeditions to Greenland. No other company comes close to our record of success and achievement in mounting fantastic expedition opportunities in east and northeast Greenland. The tremendous success of our previous expeditions to Liverpool Land and Milne Land are testament to that wealth of experience.

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