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RENLAND  (Scoresby Sound fjord)
Extreme Rock 'n' Ice climbing in Greenland's Latest Undiscovered Range!
Expedition Climbing and First Ascents
of Unclimbed Routes/Peaks

Renland lies 150kms to the west of Liverpool Land and the remote gravel airstrip of Constable Point in north east Greenland and directly north of the neighboring climbing venue of Milne Land island. Situated deep in the inner fjord system of Scoresby Sound the peaks and icecap of Renland rise steeply from sea level to over 2300m. Only a handful of expeditions have ever traveled in to the heart of these ranges, leaving large areas completely unexplored. Both regions have received little activity since they were first discovered as World class destinations for extreme rock 'n' ice climbing and big wall climbing as recently as 2004. Using Tangent logistics, research and consultancy Dick Griffiths headed up an ambitious expedition by West Lancashire Scouts to recce, climb and ski tour throughout the Korridoren glacier region of central Milne Land to explore it's fantastic potential. This paved the way for Simon Yates (of Touching The Void fame) to explore the area further in 2007. Later that season Paul Walker returned to the area with a Japanese film crew to make a TV documentary of the first ever big wall climb on Milne Land where Japanese husband and wife team Yasushi & Taeko Yamanoi made a successful ascent of one of the highest known faces on the island (c.1300m). Captivated by the potential of these vast areas of unclimbed and previously undiscovered summits Dick Griffiths returned in 2007 but headed to the even more remote and rarely visited region of Renland. It was the first ever mountaineering expedition to attempt significant peaks deep in the interior of Renland which line the impressive Edward Bailey Glacier and it's tributary glaciers. Many easier peaks were climbed and successful ascents made on several rock routes. Having seen the potential of this 'new' climbing venue Paul Walker got to work trying to encourage others to follow in Dick's footsteps and continue the early exploration and development of the region. In 2008 this led to two climbing expeditions heading to the area from Oxford and the Queen's University, Belfast. Both expeditions were successful in making first ascents of new routes of peaks lining the 'Eebie Geebie' Glacier. Large areas and glaciers on Renland remain completely unexplored and unclimbed by mountaineering expeditions. Everything you see in the photos is unclimbed and is just the tip of the iceberg of the extent of climbing available!

Tangent Expeditions is the leading authority on mountaineering expeditions to Greenland and has previously organized three winter and five summer expeditions to Milne Land and logistics for four expeditions to Renland. No other guiding company runs expeditions to the mountains and glaciers of inner Renland. Tangent remains committed to running such expeditions on minimal margins to open up new mountaineering venues in Greenland and allow people to appreciate the true and awe inspiring beauty of these remote regions.

Transport Logistics

Climbing groups are required to meet in Reykjavik (Iceland) on the expedition start date before taking a flight to Constable Point in north east Greenland the next morning. Your expedition food and equipment will be sent as air freight to Constable Point in advance.

April - from CNP we will travel the same day by snowmobile to Renland. This is a major expedition in it's own right and is a full day's travel. En route you will pass numerous large icebergs locked in to the sea ice as you travel over the frozen Scoresby Sound fjord. Tangent has recently purchased it's own fleet of brand new top of the range snowmobiles to transport your team from Constable Point airstrip to Milne Land using our own experienced guides. Snowmobile transportation outside of specific routes linking the local settlements and Constable Point airport is not normally allowed, however Tangent has obtained special permission to do this. Team sizes are completely flexible when using snowmobile transport.

May to July - from around mid May onwards the ice is unstable and snowmobile transport is not possible. At the same time there is still too much sea ice for boats to sail. It is therefore necessary to use helicopter. Minimum group size is 4, whilst 8 is most cost effective.

July to August - from mid July travel will be on our privately chartered boat, M/S Nanu, which is licensed for sea going transportation for up to 7 passengers and equipment.

Snowmobile and boat transportation will make landfall at the head of Skillebugt fjord, located at the south eastern corner of Renland. From here it will be necessary to establish a coastal camp and then move supplies on foot to a main base camp on the EBG glacier. By snowmobile it may be possible to continue further up the valley and EBG glacier depending on local snow conditions. By helicopter it will be possible to fly direct to a base camp of your choice.

Base camp

Base camp locations can be anywhere on the Edward Bailey Glacier, which is over 40km in length from it's start point deep in the interior of the Renland icecap to it's termination near sea level, approximately 12km from the coast. An approximate central base camp location would be N71'12 W26'10. Altitude 500m. The location can be found on the Renland map link at the top right of this page and on the general Greenland Maps link.

Daylight Hours

There will be 24 hour daylight throughout April, May, June, July and August. At this time of year sunsets and sunrises merge in to one long beautiful display of colour. From the summits one is rewarded with beautiful views towards Milne Land, the Renland peaks and icecap, the magnificent Greenland icecap, and the iceberg studded Scoresby Sound fjord.


Renland typically enjoys good periods of stable weather due to it's more sheltered inland position. You would normally expect precipitation once or twice in a 2-3 week expedition but conditions of course can vary. The sun is very strong and day/night time temperatures will range from -5 to -20 degrees C in April to +5 to +18 degrees C in July/August. As a result of it's northerly latitude the region lies well inland and away from most north Atlantic weather systems. Strong winds are not a common feature of the region, however katabatic winds can be expected at certain times of the day as cooler air descends off the Renland icecap.

Camping Conditions

All base camp locations are on the EBG glacier which is snow covered in April and May but a mainly dry glacier with significant moraine from late June through to August. Travel on foot  is fine throughout the area. It is possible to use skis for general travel well in to June. On the upper EBG glacier spring snow conditions will persist on the glacier well in to July.

Climbing Difficulty

Renland is an area that will particularly appeal to those wanting to make first ascents of technical rock and ice climbs and expedition style big wall climbs. It is packed full of first ascents and unclimbed peaks and no guidebook exists. All climbing will be exploratory in it's truest sense. No expedition has ever been to Renland for winter snow and ice climbing. No big wall climb has yet been attempted.

Ski Touring / Trekking

In Spring the area offers fantastic ski touring exploration via the numerous glacier tributaries that give access to the Renland icecap and surrounding summits. During the short summer season there are wonderful glacier trekking opportunities amongst some of the World's most stunning arctic alpine scenery.

Private and Independent Groups

Tangent offers an all inclusive expedition logistics package for private and independent groups wishing to visit Renland. A sample package is shown below but please contact Paul Walker for a bespoke quote for your group.

The price includes all of the following:

  • Return schedule or charter flight between Iceland and Greenland;
  • Return flight transfers within Iceland;
  • Taxi transfer between guesthouse and Reykjavik airport;
  • 2 nights Iceland Bed & Breakfast guesthouse accommodation;
  • Private snowmobile / helicopter / boat charter to Renland;
  • transportation fuel;
  • Helicopter airport standing ground fees and landing fees;
  • Pilots/guides' meals & accommodation whilst on contract;
  • All airport taxes;
  • All passenger fees;
  • Sea freight of food and equipment from UK to Iceland;
  • Air freight of food and equipment from Iceland to Greenland;
  • Return of above equipment from Greenland to UK via Iceland;
  • Freight handling / storage / transfer charges in UK, Iceland and Greenland;
  • All freight customs and export/import documentation charges;
  • Expedition food (Tangent privately guided groups only);
  • Customs duty on imported food, and associated documentation;
  • Costs of Tangent staff pre-checking and sorting your freight in Greenland;
  • Radio permit;
  • Expedition permit;
  • Firearms permit (Polar Bear deterrent);
  • Camping stove fuel (Coleman fuel / White Gas);
  • Help with arrangement of insurance;
  • Arrangement of paperwork involved in the special compulsory insurance declaration to the Danish authorities;
  • Access to our extensive research facilities, including;
    expedition reports database, previous ascents records, hundreds of aerial survey photographs covering all the important climbing areas in Greenland, all the relevant maps, aeronautical flight charts and geological sheets, detailed high resolution digital images of unclimbed peaks;
  • Hire of Pulk sledges for Spring expeditions;
  • Rifle hire (firearms deterrent against polar bear);
  • Rifle cleaning and servicing at end of expedition;
  • 20 rounds of 30.06 rifle ammunition;
  • Hire of a “distress kit” containing;
    • PLB satellite linked GPS radio beacon,
    • rocket flares,
    • handheld orange smoke flares,
    • mini-flares,
  • Hire of emergency VHF air band radio;
  • Satellite communications equipment hire;
  • Solar Recharging system for satellite telephone;
  • Free unlimited meetings with Paul Walker at our office address;
  • All advice and consultancy fees;
  • All office, admin and support fees and expenses;
  • 24 hour back up consultancy support service whilst on expedition;
  • Free local map of Reykjavik;
  • ATOL payment protection, licence no. 9074


  • International return schedule flights from home country to Iceland.
  • Any excess baggage charges.
  • Coach transfers between Keflavik airport (Iceland) and Reykjavik (€25);
  • Food and other meals in Iceland (breakfast is included).
  • Expedition food (provided for Tangent guided groups).
  • Taxi or bus fares in Iceland.
  • Accommodation upgrades.
  • Accommodation at Constable Point if required (free camping is allowed)
  • Satellite telephone calls at £3 per minute.
  • Insurance

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April/May 2017 (Snowmobile logistics)
June/July 2017 (Helicopter logistics)
August 2017 (Boat logistics)


GBP 5,500 - 10,000
(Deposit GBP 900-1100)
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Level of Difficulty

General winter camping, glacier travel, competent alpine, mixed or big wall climbs.

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